building01 The Progressive Center is here to be a community resource. We have lots of space for classes, meetings, or conferences. If you want to know more, please call or stop-by. You will be pleasantly surprised! It can grow only if you participate.

$20, 20,000 People Campaign
The Progressive Center has begun the 20,000 person $20 fundraising effort- a capital campaign to raise funds for purchasing the building as well as to fund an operating budget.

What you can find at the Center:

  • Fair Trade, The Progressive Center Fair Trade Union-Made Store – Extended Holiday Hours until Dec. 24 – 11am-11pm!! HUGE NEW SHIPMENT AND EXPANDED STORE IS HERE!!
  • Progressive Information Center & Meeting Lounge. Bring us your organization’s literature for permanent display and use this space for your regular meetings. (TV with VHS available)
  • The TPC Library. Help us create a one stop shop for progressive reading. We will take your used books to add to our library.
  • The Apalachee Tortoise. Organizations can pick up a bundle here to distribute to their membership. Individuals are also encouraged to pick up papers and distribute them among their workplace, activist scene, places of worship etc.